About Our Company

SixMinute is an independent game development studio, based in the heart of Dublin. It is founded by former members of PopCap Games, some of whom were the core leaders of the Dublin office from its very inception. SixMinute’s goal is to make fun, social, memorable and long lasting game experiences for people of all ages, to enjoy with their friends, across Facebook and mobile platforms.

About Our Staff

John Halloran

John was raised by wolverines near a small village called Akujärvi in Lapland. During the months of darkness each year, John developed a healthy love of games. It is said that when he was in school he spent 42% of his study time playing Tetris on his GameBoy and that 26% of his history knowledge comes from playing Civilization.

Séadna Long

Séadna, like his character clearly shows, is crazy. He’s not just ‘crazy’ crazy, but he’s crazy in many ways. He’s crazy passionate, he’s crazy playful, he’s crazy energetic, and he is a bit crazy ‘crazy’ (but kind of the right amount only). Loves all sorts of games, not just the computerised ones, board and card ones are right up his alley too. He’ll also *definitely* beat you in FIFA.

Brian O'Donnell

Brian has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. He enjoys all things that use electricity and cracked black pepper. He was born in a computer games store and gets a strange twitch when he hears Sonic the Hedgehogs’ theme song. When not glued to a computer screen, Brian is often to be found off the west coast of Ireland trying to remember how to surf.

Paul O'Donnell

Totem Paul is the lankiest member of the SixMinute team. Like the legendary Verticoli brushes, Paul was hand-carved out of illegal whale bone. He is the result of a top-secret government experiment gone wrong and while initially designed to be the world’s greatest basketball player he has spurned his natural talent to focus on all things computer games. When not indulging in a mammoth video gaming session Paul enjoys throwing himself down the side of snow-covered mountains or returning to his natural underwater habitat.

Alan Lavery

Alan was born into a dark evil kingdom as heir to the dark throne but abandoned his destiny as dark overlord. Instead he followed his real dream, to design and create video games. His evil presence still shows when creating level designs to torment and torture players. He also likes to make sure games are working properly, which involves playing them over and over and over and over and….you get the point.